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Built on Service, Strengthened by Safety.

The success of Reliable Production and RPS Cementing depends not only on the service we perform for our customers, but also and just as importantly on the safe manner in which each job is performed. No job is so important or urgent that personnel, equipment, or public safety will be jeopardized for production. It is our goal to preserve every employee’s health and well being while in the employment of this company. Our operations policy is “Production with Safety” not “Production and Safety.”

Supervisors, department heads and employees at all levels of our workforce are directed to make job safety a matter equal in importance to all other company operations; therefore, the control of incidents will result in an efficient operation.

We are committed to providing every employee with a safe work environment, knowledge and training in safe work habits and practices. In doing so, we are protecting our employees from personal injury, reducing the loss of property and protecting the workplace environment.

Reliable Production and RPS Cementing contract the services of Safety Environmental & Operational Training, LLC (SEOT) to help produce a workforce that utilizes the safest and most efficient work practices.

Training that our employees can receive are, but not limited to:
  • Well Control Instruction
  • Defensive Driving Course
  • Offshore Water Survival
  • NSC Forklift Basic Certification
  • Behavioral Based Training
  • Rigger Training
  • 24 Hour Core HAZCOM/HAZWOPER
  • Medic First Aid/CPR Bloodborne Pathogens

In addition to SEOT, a full-time Safety Director is on staff and is a vital part of our management practices and philosophy.

Monthly Rig Safety Meetings and daily JSA’s build our culture and are an integral part of our safety practice and high quality of work. To reinforce our commitment to the safety of our employees and clients, We additionally offer a special safety-incentive plan to promote the well being of our employees and to minimize lost time on the job.

Located in Livonia, Louisiana, Reliable Production Service, LLC has served the oil and gas industry in South Louisiana since 1965.  From its inception as a one-man, local pumping service, it has strategically grown up to approximately 200 hundred employees and a first-class fleet of equipment.

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